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Jindera trees growing strong Holbrook

Jindera Solar Farm team

December 8, 2022

Although the early planting was delayed in 2022 due to poor weather conditions, 5800 trees destined for the Jindera Solar Farm site have been carefully repotted and are growing well at Jayfields Nursery in Holbrook. 

Jindera Trees growing strong

To ensure the landscaping for the Jindera site will be established as early as possible, so it can provide screening for neighbouring properties, the Jindera Solar Farm team has been working with Holbrook-based Nursery Jayfields since December 2021. 

Established in 1987, Jayfields Nursery is a family-run business located on 40 acres, about an hour away from Jindera up the Hume Highway. Owners Tim and Kelly Glass moved to the Riverina in 2010 looking for a healthy environment in which to raise their family. 

Close to important commercial centres like Albury and Wagga, Jayfields has a great reputation for supplying farms, businesses and industrial sites across NSW, and pride themselves on offering not only excellent quality tubestock, but also advice, planting calendars and planting services. 

Initially ordered in December 2021, the 5800 trees destined for the Jindera site, have been repotted and are being cultivated by the Jayfields horticulturalists following a delay in the initial planting schedule. 

Thanks to the know-how of the Jayfields team the trees are growing well in an open-air environment. This will help ensure that we have larger and more robust saplings and shrubs when planting season comes around again in the Autumn months of 2023. 

Of the 5800 trees, 2300 are recommended by organisations like Sustainable Farms and the Wheen Bee foundation as they provide pollinator-friendly habitats and because they flower at different times of the year, combined they will ensure the site supports pollinators all year round.  The species include River Red Gum, White, Yellow and Red Box Eucalypts, to provide a mighty overstory, and Silver, Hickory and western Siver Wattle for dense undergrowth. 

For more information about Jayfields Click here to visit their website – link to Jayfields Website

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