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December 15, 2022

The Jindera Solar Farm team is planning to submit a modification application to the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment.  

Project Modifications

In January 2023 the Jindera Solar Farm team is planning to submit a Modification Application to the NSW Department of Planning Environment (DPE).

This application contains proposed changes to the original application, many of which resulted from feedback and concerns raised by the Jindera local community, and we’d like to thank you everyone in the local area for the contributions or submissions you’ve made to the project so far.

There are six modifications, which are as follows:

1) Electrical connection
The original Jindera Solar Farm plan proposed an overhead transmission line of approximately 750 metres, running north/south along Orltipp Rd, to connect the solar farm with the TransGrid Jindera substation.
Through further detailed design and considering community feedback, we are proposing to construct as an underground transmission line. The proposed underground transmission line would follow the same route as the approved overhead transmission line and remains within both the approved development site and development footprint.
This approach will decrease the visual impact on neighbours as the connection lines will be hidden underground, have less ground disturbance, and reduce overall clearing of the existing roadside vegetation along Orltipp rd.

2) Inverter changes
Inverters are an important part of a solar farm as, they take the DC energy that’s produced by the solar panels and convert it to AC power to feed into the electricity grid.
The original Jindera Solar Farm plan featured 25 large containerised inverters, which look a bit like shipping containers. Through more efficient solar farm design and using the latest technology, the planned modification will result in 38 smaller inverters located away from the fence line, so they will be obscured by the screen plantings and less visible as you drive past.
Operational noise assessments suggest there would not be any increase in operational noise, and therefore no noise exceedances for surrounding residences as a result of the increase in inverter stations.

3) Peak vehicle movements
As we get closer to construction, we’re looking for ways to minimise the impact the build phase of the project has on the local community. One approach we’re taking is to reduce the build phase of the project, and make sure our construction partners can complete their work in a 12-month period. In order to do this we’ll need increase the number of vehicles coming to site by 8 per hour on really busy peak days.

4) Landscaping and visual Screening
We’ve taken on board feedback and concerns from Jindera Solar Farm’s direct neighbours and reviewed the landscaping plans.  We are adding a number of landscaping mounds to help ensure that the solar farm infrastructure can’t be seen from the closest neighbouring houses.

5) Fencing
We’ve made minor changes to the Jindera Solar Farm fencing so that the fence runs alongside Deadhorse Creek, rather than cutting across the creek. This will make the fencing more discreet, and minimise any potential impact on water flows along the creek. At Kilnacroft creek fencing will be constructed from vertical steel poles which provide integrity and security while allowing the free flow of the watercourse.

6) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
We’ve received DPIE approval for the staging of the Battery Energy Storage System, adjacent Ortlipp Rd, which is being planned for Stage 2 development and will commence after the Solar Farm (Stage 1).

The Jindera Solar Farm team welcomes ongoing feedback from the local community, and as we get closer to commencement we are interested in hearing from local companies who can work with us in our supply chain to provide materials, equipment and services.

Please click through to our contact us page if you have any queries, concerns or opportunities you’d like to raise with the team. Click here to get in touch.

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