About Us
the Jindera Solar Farm

The Jindera Solar Farm has been a collaboration between a number of renewable energy companies dedicated to delivering clean energy solutions to make energy affordable for all Australians, while preserving and protecting agricultural production and supporting rural communities.

The Jindera Solar Farm project was initiated in 2014 by Green Switch, a renewable energy company with more than 20 years’ experience developing solar projects in the UK, Europe, Africa and Australia.

In 2017 Jindera Solar Farm was incorporated in its own right, and in 2018 Green Switch combined forces with renewable energy technology provider Hanwha Energy Australia in a project collaboration.

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About Green Switch Australia

Green Switch Australia is a provider of both renewable energy and energy storage solutions. Green Switch has a proven track record in providing solar PV installations to all segments of the market including utility scale, large scale commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic markets. Green Switch helps organisations and customers to reduce their energy costs using innovative solutions such as efficient PV modules, tracking systems and energy storage. Our team has significant experience in developing, building, owning / funding and operating renewable energy projects.




About Hanwha Energy Australia

Founded in 2018 to supply Australians with affordable renewable energy while protecting the future capabilities agricultural production, supporting biodiversity and enhancing and empowering local communities. Hanwha Energy Australia and is committed to delivering affordable, cleaner, greener energy solutions including domestic solar and battery power, and clean energy plans through our energy retailer Nectr. Hanwha Energy Australia is affiliated with Hanwha Group, one of the world’s largest investors in renewable energy technology and assets.